Episode 74: Managing Two Gyms at CrossFit Tigard PAW

CrossFit Tigard PAW

PJ Menagh didn’t go into business expecting to buy a second location.

But, with CrossFit Tigard PAW flourishing, when he heard about CrossFIt Happy Valley was for sale, he realized he would beat starting a whole new location on his own.

But, he did something different that he’d recommend every Affiliate owner due when looking to buy an existing gym: he coached there for several weeks, learning the community.

In this episode of Box Talk, Menagh shares about his business in the changing market, the values of his gym, the transition of ownership at CrossFit Happy Valley and staff meetings. Sit down, grab a cup of coffee and learn something new from Menagh’s experience.

Show Notes

  • PJ Menagh went from dietician to Marines to pararescue…
  • How he found CrossFit while his hands were tied behind his back.
  • Why Menagh had two years to prepare in opening his gym.
  • The mentorship he received in the meantime.
  • How CrossFit Tigard PAW’s start was slightly different clientele wise…
  • The changing market CrossFit gyms are reaching.
  • Buying an existing CrossFit gym and how that happened.
  • How to compete with all the noise in the fitness industry.
  • Lessons learned in managing two gyms.
  • Why coaching at CrossFit Happy Valley prior to buying it was the best thing.
  • The most important values of Menagh’s gyms.
  • What the transition of ownership looked like.
  • Why you should consider having both part-time and full-time Coaches.
  • The purpose behind meetings and taking your Coaches’ classes.
  • Menagh’s question: How do you do 50 things in a year?
  • Here’s a 30-day challenge from Menagh…

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