Episode 72: Playing the Long Game at CrossFit Hershey

At nearly 10 years old, CrossFit Hershey is going strong.

Owner Tim Steel has learned a lot during the life of the business. He opened a second location, YorkFit, not long ago and has been learning from that as well. And while business knowledge has been acquired, there’s a lot Steel has grown in on a personal level.

In this episode of Box Talk, Steel shares about his stress and learning patience throughout the years of owning the gym. He shares about the power of a quality staff and why playing the long game is essential at CrossFit Hershey. He also shares why you need to understand who you are serving and who has actually created the community at the gym.

Listen to the episode below and discover where your business – and you – can grow today.

Show Notes

  • Why Tim Steel isn’t even in the best shape of his life yet.
  • The power of staff who are bought in and well-educated.
  • Who has actually created the community at CrossFit Hershey.
  • How Steel managed to get his stress in order.
  • What keeps members away when Steel trains during open gym.
  • Building a second location in York: who, what and why.
  • Why everyone needs to be playing the long game.
  • One of Steel’s biggest business challenges dealt with letting go.
  • Reliving the terror of CrossFit Hershey’s first competition in business.
  • What Steel’s impatience has meant for the gym, and why the staff balance him out.
  • Why you need to understand who you are serving.
  • The helpful aspect found in a great staff is…
  • Specific ways CrossFit Hershey’s community has made a powerful impact.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.