Episode 70: The Art of Sales at Dynasty CrossFit

In fitness, there is an artistry to sales.

Sherman Merricks has learned this over the years in running Dynasty CrossFit in Gainesville, Florida. In this episode of Box Talk, he shares what he’s come to realize about selling memberships, personal training and more. Plus, he talks about mentorship, paid marketing and the life of his business.

Take a listen to this episode and figure out how to build up your sales process and grow your Box.

Show Notes

  • Sherman Merricks started like many Affiliates in a garage.
  • When Merricks realized he was going slower and using less weight then some female CrossFit OGs, he was all in.
  • Why people got lost coming to Merricks’ first location.
  • How he grew in his business savvy.
  • The biggest lessons Merricks has learned from his mentors.
  • Why mentors have a viewpoint that an owner can’t have.
  • Where the biggest problem in the sales process occurs for Affiliate owners.
  • The difference that paid marketing makes.
  • Applicable advice to closing a sale for the Affiliate – the price objection.
  • How Merricks became a mentor himself
  • Diving into personal training and its benefits.
  • Addressing the “I’m in a demographic where people won’t pay for personal training” excuse.
  • Merricks’ one piece of advice and one action step for the Affiliate owner today.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.