Episode 7: Transforming Crap to Gold, Podcast Style


Do you listen to a podcast?

In recent years, podcasting has grown in popularity. Proof is in the data provided by an article from the Pew Research Center, “Podcasting: Fact Sheet,” by Nancy Vogt.

For instance, one statistic broke down stats that determined awareness of podcasting has more than doubled since 2006. Nearly half of Americans in 2015 were aware that podcasting existed and was a medium from which to gain knowledge.

And the industry of CrossFit has taken advantage of the podcasting world. From CrossFit Radio to Barbell Shrugged, there are numerous podcasts to listen to in order to better you business.

But have you ever considered starting your own podcast, Affiliate? The benefits of having one just might be worth the work. Matt Scanlon, the owner of CrossFit Memorial Hill in Kansas City, Missouri, began a podcast for his Box’s membership about two years ago. He said it started because it was content he knew he could keep up with producing, and he has seen tremendous benefits from it.

Through the years, Scanlon has learned lessons about podcasting that other Affiliates just might be able to learn from. Take a listen to this podcast all about how to create a podcast. Then consider launching one for your own Box’s members.

Show Notes:

  • Back in the day, Scanlon’s library visits consisted of printing off CrossFit.com workouts.
  • Moving to Kansas City, Scanlon finally joined a gym.
  • The line from weightlifting to CrossFit is a pretty short one.
  • Many park workouts and 1,000 waivers later, CrossFit Memorial Hill found its own location.
  • Scanlon has produced over 500 podcast episodes.
  • He had a boring job in grad school that turned him on to podcasts.
  • Eventually, Scanlon just decided to start podcasting and produced a lot of crap, including an episode with “Limp Bizkit” playing in the background.
  • The podcast is content for members that Scanlon could be consistent with.
  • How Heather heard about CrossFit Memorial Hill’s podcast.
  • Don’t get obsessive about hardware and software early on.
  • Just start talking.
  • Scanlon took a class on storytelling, suggested by Tim Ferris, that showed the importance of vulnerability.
  • Ask questions to break the ice.
  • Long-form discussion is refreshing in this fast-paced world.
  • Current format of CrossFit Memorial Hill’s podcast is two hosts and a guest every now and then.
  • What is the most embarrassing CrossFit move to do naked?
  • You need compelling content.
  • The title matters and has to grab your audience.
  • Scanlon’s podcasting resources and favorite podcasts revealed: Radio Lab, Tim Ferris Show, CrossFit Memorial Hill’s podcast
  • Find a way to adopt best practices without having experience.
  • Putting crap out there is just as valuable as putting gold out there.
  • A podcast could differentiate your Box from the rest.
  • Do something to get content out there.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.