Episode 68: Passing on the Torch at CrossFit Stamford

CrossFit Stamford

Andy Parker recently sold his gym. But he hasn’t left the industry.

In fact, in this episode of Box Talk, he shares what he learned in the multiple years spent owning his fitness business, CrossFit Stamford in Stamford, Connecticut. He dives into personal training, partner workouts and even the process of selling a gym, as well as what he’s up to currently.

Listen to the episode and gather up Parker’s advice so you can begin building your business into something truly great:

Show Notes

  • How Andy Parker transitioned from a normal job to an Affiliate owner.
  • What’s coming back full circle, in Parker’s opinion.
  • How to transition your gym’s mindset to that of personal training.
  • Why you need two training options, at least.
  • What changing to a one-on-one intro looks like.
  • The fundamental things in running CrossFit Stamford.
  • Why you should always have something going on in your gym.
  • How to use partner workouts and warm-ups to benefit your community.
  • What led Parker to sell CrossFit Stamford.
  • How the process of selling the gym started, and why it was difficult.
  • Advice during this process involves the length of time you expect it will take.
  • What it takes to evaluate the worth of your gym.
  • Parker’s dream isn’t what you might expect (hint: he loves stories).
  • The venture that Parker is now pursuing.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.