Episode 67: How to Piss Excellence with CrossFit Pushin Weight

CrossFit Pushin Weight

When Tyler Cox founded the gym, he had no idea where he’d be in 2019 – with two new business partners.

Ashley Jenkins and Kara Silva also had no idea when they initially offering to help around the Affiliate that they’d eventually be owners. But here all three area, co-owners of CrossFit Pushin Weight in Powhatan, Virginia.

In this episode of Box Talk, editor Heather Hartmann sat down with all three owners and talked business. From the evolution of Pushin Weight, to how the gym wows people, to the roles and lessons learned of each owner, the show is packed full of actionable business advice and ideas.

Take a listen below and ask how you too can wow your own members:

Show Notes

  • Meet the CrossFit Pushin Weight team
  • How the Affiliate got its name.
  • The story of how each owner found CrossFit.
  • Going from two owners to three looked like this.
  • Pushin Weight’s profile on BoxProMag.com.
  • Why they designed the space they are currently in the way they did.
  • The biggest lessons learned over the years.
  • How to piss excellence.
  • What sign at Pushin Weight has sold people on membership.
  • The way the gym wows with popsicles.
  • Challenges of running a CrossFit gym.
  • How to think about great customer experience in a relatable way.
  • Why you should continue to learn.
  • Get the help you need and here’s why.

Heather Hartmann
Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.