Episode 66: Teaching Teen Girls at CrossFit Florian

Teen Girls Program

Tia Sapienza coached high school softball and got complaints from her athletes that tryouts were too hard.

It was then she knew something needed to change in the girls’ fitness. So, she went to the owners of her gym, CrossFit Florian, and proposed a teen girl program. They told her get 10 girls and she could have the space to hold the program at the gym. She got 11 interested teens.

Since, the program has grown to include 130 girls. Sapienza sat down with Box Pro on this episode of Box Talk to share about the program, why it’s been so successful, what she’s learned in the process and more. Listen to the episode and consider starting your own teen girls program.

Show Notes

  • Tia Sapienza was too scared to go into the CrossFit gym at first, but this is why she went back.
  • The gym that actually started the CrossFit Games’ outfit changes. 
  • How clothes played a role in getting Sapienza into CrossFit Florian.
  • What is the teen girls program at Florian?
  • The difference between teen and pre-teen classes.
  • Why tough tryouts led to the creation of the program.
  • How another Coach helped keep the program running well.
  • What has made the program successful, in the opinion of the teen athletes.
  • Why Sapienza is more fun at CrossFit than as a softball coach.
  • How CrossFit has helped the softball team.
  • The personable aspect of the program.
  • Breaking down the logistics of the teen girls program.
  • What to look for in a Coach of a program like this.
  • Sapienza’s top tips in getting started.
  • A powerful aspect of the program.
  • What role stickers play in encouraging the teen girls.

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