Episode 62: Surviving a Fire at CrossFit Arsenal

CrossFit Arsenal

Tragedy can strike at any moment. For CrossFit Arsenal, it struck in the fall of 2018.

A telephone pole fell and the gym caught fire. In the end, the space was unusable. Owner Jason Gee said there was class going on at the time, but miraculously no one got hurt. However, he’s faced unbelievable challenges since, including fighting the larger corporations responsible for the telephone pole.

In this episode of Box Talk, Gee shares the story of what happened. He explains how they made a business function out of a back alley for months, the hardships that have been ever present and the fantastic community behind it all. Most importantly, he shares why the fight for justice goes beyond just this single fire and is a flag raised for all small businesses out there.

Show Notes

  • Jason Gee’s CrossFit story and how it was a supplement before becoming the main thing.
  • The tragedy that took place at CrossFit Arsenal last year began with a telephone pole.
  • Several ways in which Arsenal was very lucky.
  • Why the fire caused so much damage.
  • The day after the fire, you could find CrossFit Arsenal here.
  • What Gee’s main goal was and how he went after it.
  • The search for a new space…
  • Creative ways Gee kept membership spirits up.
  • Why the utility company’s response has been frustrating.
  • How the community has been completely awesome.
  • Gee is using the fire to increase safety in the community as a whole. Here’s how.
  • What Gee has learned from this experience and the advice he’d give.
  • How the Affiliate community has stepped up for CrossFit Arsenal.

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