Episode 60: Going from Hating CrossFit to Owning CrossFit Frankfort

CrossFit Frankfort

CrossFit Frankfort is a small town Box.

Located in Frankfort, Kentucky, it was the dream of Billie Jo Gannone’s husband. However, through a number of unexpected circumstances, Gannone now heads up the Affiliate while her husband works in the police force.

And the funny thing is, she hated CrossFit when she was first introduced to it.

But, over time that hatred shifted and now Gannone is growing a business. There have been successes and challenges along the way, but she’s learned through every experience. With a coaching feedback system in place that is working, and keeping to the core that is CrossFit, CrossFit Frankfort is a thriving business in this episode of Box Talk.

Show Notes

  • Billie Jo Gannone hated CrossFit because…
  • How Affiliate ownership did – and didn’t – meet expectations.
  • Lessons learned from the gym Gannone previously went to.
  • Why CrossFit Frankfort does just CrossFit.
  • What it’s like running a CrossFit Box in a small town.
  • The biggest challenge for Gannone has to do with bragging.
  • Anyone have answers for Gannone when it comes to “boasting” in your marketing?
  • Why Gannone’s husband’s dream of owning a Box is now under her care.
  • Where does CrossFit Frankfort excel?
  • Why lifetime fitness matters at the gym.
  • How Coaches are grown at CrossFit Frankfort through coaching incentives.
  • The coaching feedback system that’s worked really well at Frankfort.
  • Why you need to avoid comparison. 

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