Episode 6: Mixing Skulls, Crossbones and Professionalism


As the industry continues to grow, Affiliate, you know you need to distinguish yourself from the competition in order to meet success.

And that could simply be through embracing professionalism.

But what does this mean? Well, it could deal with the “17 Simple Habits That Make You Look More Professional,” that author Bill Murphy, Jr. shared in an article on Inc.com. Those habits include confidence, candor and humor, and Muphy explains one can adopt them to seem more professional.

Embracing professionalism, however, must also be part of the programs and customer service you offer at your Box.

For instance, CrossFit H-Town in Houston, Texas, has a 97 percent retention rate. Theo Tsekouras, the Affiliate of the business, shared that rate stems from his business’ impeccable customer service, excellent coaching and programs built from member feedback. He conducts himself and his business not just as a CrossFit gym full of skulls and crossbones, but as a profession that is a career for him and his staff.

H-Town has a full-blown weightlifting program. Its classes are capped at 14 people in order to provide the best coaching experience possible. And Tsekouras explained he continually looks for input from his members on how to service them better.

In the podcast below, find out how Tsekouras is building a professional business in Houston:

Show Notes

  • As a professional firefighter for years, CrossFit improved Theo Tsekouras’ performance
  • How H-Town started at 234 square feet of awesomeness.
  • Six years later, H-Town has two locations, 500 athletes and 25 staff members.
  • Success has come from a passion for teaching and a desire for a safe environment.
  • H-Town has had a wait list!
  • Houston needed a location specifically for weightlifters. Thus, H-Town Weightlifting was born.
  • When adding H-Town Weightlifting, Theo had to analyze the margins.
  • As the program grew, they continued to invest in it.
  • Foot to pavement grew the business.
  • Customer service is a huge part of H-Town.
  • The Coaches are given tools and expectations for coaching.
  • H-Town caps classes at 14 people, which has been implemented since the garage gym days.
  • In the past, H-Town had a “First come, first serve” policy, and members would come an hour before class to get a spot!
  • Understand personalities and how to engage people.
  • H-Town’s retention rate is typically about 97 percent.
  • The age demographic of the Box is a bit older than most gyms.
  • Listen to what the membership wants through surveys and feedback.
  • Invest into the Box for the member’s benefit.
  • CrossFit should be skulls and crossbones mixed with professionalism.
  • Create a more intimate environment for your members.
  • Act on what needs to happen.
  • H-Town gives back to the community as much as possible.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.