Episode 59: Behind the Iron + Mortar Summit

Iron + Mortar Summit

Ashley Loyer, Layci Nelson and Brenden Loyer wanted a business event for Box owners.

But, there was nothing in the industry that reflected what they had in mind. So, they decided to create what they wanted.

The Iron + Mortar Summit is what came out of their desire and hardwork. It’s going into its third year, taking place in June in Portland, Oregon.

Ashley and Nelson sat down with Box Pro’s Heather Hartmann on this episode of Box Talk to chat about the Summit. They highlight its unique points, the speakers coming this year, event tips and planning, and why Affiliates can benefit from attending.

Whether it’s this continuing education event or another one, consider how you’re going to pursue being a better Box owner this year while listening to this episode:

Show Notes

  • How the Iron + Mortar Summit came to be.
  • Layci Nelson’s experience in holding business seminars.
  • The evolution of the summit over the past three years.
  • What does it look like if you’re an attendee?
  • What’s so special about lunch at the summit?
  • The thing that makes the Iron + Mortar Summit unique.
  • Why having multiple experts is a win for Affiliates.
  • What’s really powerful about the Summit and the network it builds.
  • How did the name and brand come about?
  • The lessons learned in putting on the Iron + Mortar Summit.
  • What a natural disaster has to do with the event’s first kickoff.
  • The one thing you should never do with your core values.
  • Tips on how to run an event successfully.
  • Why flow of the summit and staff agenda is critical.
  • The details of the 2019 Iron + Mortar Summit.

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Heather Hartmann
Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.