Episode 57: A Family Affair at CrossFit Hard Knox

CrossFit Hard Knox

Family can have a powerful impact.

For Katie Cain, family is what got her started on CrossFit. Her sister convinced her to join a gym and from there, she was hooked.

Now, Cain co-owns CrossFit Hard Knox in Radcliff, Kentucky. Her family is interspersed throughout the gym, and one of her sisters plays a large managerial role. But, that doesn’t mean things are peachy keen. She’s had to learn to work with family, alongside learning about business.

From moving the gym’s space in late 2018 to a switch in programming, CrossFit Hard Knox is continually growing and changing. Listen to Cain’s story and journey below in this episode of Box Talk, what she’s learned from owning a business and what new projects lie ahead.

Show Notes

  • Why it took six months for Katie Cain’s sister to convince her to join a CrossFit gym.
  • What a baby has to do with her journey.
  • How Cain came to own CrossFit Hard Knox.
  • Why you should never say never; Cain learned this lesson the hard way.
  • In Cain’s opinion, the hardest part about transitioning into business ownership is _____.
  • Advice on relationships in your gym.
  • The benefit of being involved in your business’ books.
  • What Cain’s current business partnership looks like. 
  • How CrossFit Hard Knox is a family affair. 
  • The biggest challenges Cain has faced as an owner.
  • Renting versus owning, and which Cain prefers.
  • Cain’s advice for the Affiliate owner.
  • Why CrossFit Hard Knox recently switched its programming.
  • What new projects the business has going on.
  • Who you should surround yourself with.

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Heather Hartmann
Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.