Episode 56: How Golfing Led to Owning Deep Well Athletics

Deep Well

We all have something that led us to CrossFit. For Justin Fisher, it was golf.

But he never expected to become the owner of Deep Well Athletics, formerly CrossFit Juicebox, in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Since stepping up as owner, Fisher has had to learn a lot about business. From rebranding the gym to launching new programs to simply getting the word out, it’s been a process.

He shares about the gym’s growth, his golf game, WELLfit and the power of signs in the episode below:

Show Notes

  • Justin Fisher’s golfing career turned CrossFit.
  • What Fisher loves about both CrossFit and golf.
  • The mobility Fisher attributes to his golf days.
  • How Fisher came to own Deep Well and rebrand the gym.
  • The idea behind going the direction they did with the name.
  • WELLfit and why it’s not easier than CrossFit.
  • How they got the word out to the community.
  • Who were the initial members of WELLfit?
  • What Fisher learned about owning a business when he took over Deep Well.
  • Finding the balance between a full-time job and running a Box.
  • The challenge of rebranding.
  • How a $150 sign can bring in 10 members.
  • Marketing at Deep Well includes involvement in the community.
  • The three statements Fisher gets the most of
  • Until CrossFit is experience, it can’t be ____.
  • Changing traffic patterns might change Deep Well’s class times.
  • What Deep Well does really well.
  • Why you need to be OK with growing at a manageable pace.
  • Owning a gym = personal growth.
  • What’s this Leadership Summit mentioned by Fisher?

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Heather Hartmann
Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.