Episode 54: The Key to Multiple Locations with CrossFit Outbreak

CrossFit Outbreak

Five and counting.

That’s how many locations CrossFit Outbreak in New York has. Co-owner Adam Sturm, however, is very open that it hasn’t been sunshine and roses. In fact, he and his business partner have had to overcome numerous challenges. Several of the locations have struggled to survive.

In fact, it took finding leaders at each location for the gyms to find the success that’s been part of CrossFit Outbreak’s history.

Sturm breaks down what those leaders look like, as well as the story of Outbreak and the biggest business lessons he’s learned along the way:

Show Notes

  • Why Adam Sturm is not your typical New Yorker. 
  • How Sturm went from “I cannot do this” to owning a CrossFit gym.
  • The opportunity Sturm saw in the business of CrossFit.
  • Free classes and incentives, and how they grew Outbreak.
  • Where capping classes comes into play at the gym.
  • What Sturm has learned about business partnerships.
  • Why Sturm knew he wouldn’t be a CrossFit Coach all his life.
  • The opening of Outbreak’s various locations.
  • Facing serious challenges with their Williamsburg location, and how they turned it around.
  • Partnering with Rigquipment and how that benefitted Outbreak.
  • How they got smart with their later locations.
  • Finding awesome managers for each location and what that took.
  • Why Outbreak had declining numbers in 2018, and how they fixed it.
  • The importance of policies and their clarity.
  • One key with Coaches.
  • The one thing that allowed Outbreak to grow and was “super fantastic.”
  • What Sturm noticed the market has moved away from.
  • Clean up this page on your website – and why.
  • Gyms that are slaying it are doing all of these things…
  • Why you need to poll your athletes.
  • The first story Outbreak did with Box Pro.
  • Sturm’s one piece of advice for the Affiliate owner.

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