Episode 53: How to Crush the Open with Diablo CrossFit


At Diablo CrossFit, there is a heritage of sport.

Owner Craig Howard has been around for over 10 years, and his is an OG in the industry as well the world of the sport. He and his gym have been part of the Open ever since it started. Howard even took a team to the second-ever CrossFit Games in 2008.

As the 2019 Open nears, Howard’s fire and passion for the sport has only grown. In this episode of Box Talk, he dives into how his gym flourished in last year’s Open through healthy internal competition. He shares how they exceeded expectations in participation, on top of the way to run social media and keep members hyped.

Howard also chats about the changing in the sport this year and what it means for the Affiliate owner. How is he handling two Opens? Does he still see the Open as a benefit for business? Diablo’s head honcho answers these questions and more in Episode 53:

Show Notes

  • About the first Open Craig Howard was part of.
  • How the Open has evolved at Diablo CrossFit.
  • What they gave a shot last year and why.
  • The nightmare Howard had to face last year that involved a lot of numbers.
  • Why Diablo required athletes to take the CrossFit Judge’s Course.
  • What does Howard attribute the excellent participation in the Open last year to?
  • The changes to this year’s Open at Diablo and why.
  • Diablo’s reaction to the announcement of there being two Opens this year.
  • Why Howard likes the Open timeframe shift.
  • Advice on how to handle two Opens from an Affiliate’s perspective.
  • Why CrossFit being a sport is positive for your business.
  • How to keep members engaged through the entire five weeks of the Open.
  • The social media Open strategy of Diablo.
  • Howard’s tips for the Open as an athlete, coach and business owner.
  • The golden opportunity the Open affords your business.
  • Howard’s predictions for the 2019 Open.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.