Episode 52: Breaking Down Business at Octane CrossFit

Octane CrossFit

Life is never quite what you expect.

Regan Doele never thought he’d own a business. Yet here he is, four years into co-owning Octane CrossFit in Phoenix, Arizona.

It’s been a long road. He’s thought about closing up shop a few times. He’s arrived for classes where no athletes have shown up. He has had to learn things the hard way.

And yet, Octane CrossFit is growing. Doele shares what he’s learned over the years of owning a small business. Creativity and marketing have been two large factors to the gym’s success, as well as a controversial sign and diabetes, believe it or not.

As you listen to this episode of Box Talk, be encouraged you’re not alone in your struggles. But also note how Doele has made changes for the better and see how you can do the same.

Show Notes

  • What led Regan Doele from the healthcare industry to CrossFit.
  • Why we talk about Matt Scanlon and his time in healthcare.
  • What having a small business means for Doele’s freedom, relationships, etc.
  • The one thing Doele recommends to do if you’re opening a gym.
  • What made the owners reevaluate if they should be in the gym business or not.
  • Creative ides Octane is using to decrease its lease.
  • Doele’s opinion on Facebook marketing – hint, it’s not positive.
  • The one thing you NEED to check.
  • How a sign put Octane CrossFit on the map.
  • Talking about nutrition and defining what real food is with members.
  • Thoughts behind adding 24-hour access and what it looks like at Octane.
  • A selling technique Doele uses.
  • What he had to do over 2,000 burpees recently.
  • Doele’s final advice to the Affiliate owner.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.