Episode 51: Boot Camps and Business with Vitality Fitness

boot camps

When someone tells you not to do something, does that fire you up to do it?

For Steve Pinkerton it does. As the owner of Vitality Fitness in Concord, North Carolina, he was told opening a CrossFit gym wasn’t the smartest idea. Granted, he sold the idea to his dad as a business out of his garage with no heat and minimum equipment.

But, since he had been told he shouldn’t do it, Pinkerton went all in. Years later, Vitality Fitness is a thriving business in its own building.

However, owning Vitality has been nothing like he expected. He never thought a boot camp – evoFit – would be bigger than his CrossFit program. Pinkerton is even now a landlord, leasing space to about 10 different businesses in the facility he built.

In this episode of Box Talk, Pinkerton dives into the story of Vitality, evoFit and more. Listen to it below, hear about boot camps and consider how you can go where you never dreamed of this year.

Show Notes

  • Why Steve Pinkerton wouldn’t do CrossFit at first.
  • What a really cool boss looks like.
  • Why you should never tell Pinkerton he can’t do something.
  • The transition from competing to running the business.
  • What has helped Vitality grow?
  • The new space and what it’s meant for Pinkerton as a landlord.
  • What’s evoFit?
  • How it’s impacted the business positively.
  • What you need to keep in mind when growing a program.
  • Why boot camps are different from CrossFit.
  • Goal setting and what Vitality’s are for this year.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.