Episode 50: How to Start a CrossFit Gym in Your Living Room

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Of all things, it was a brain tumor that led Sean Hollick to CrossFit.

He had gained an incredible amount of weight in a short time. Something was wrong. So, he began searching for fitness. During his journey he found out what was going on, but that didn’t stop him. And good thing, because CrossFit ended up saving his live.

In this episode of Box Talk, Hollick shares his story. He talks about finding CrossFit and converting his living room into a gym. However, he never intended to be an Affiliate owner. It was a day of fate and rope climbs that led him down the road he is now on: waiting for his new space to be finished so CrossFit Hydrogen will have its first official home.

Be inspired by Hollick’s passion, learn from his mistakes and take his advice as you listen to the latest episode:

Show Notes

  • How a brain tumor led to Sean Hollick finding CrossFit. 
  • The first piece of equipment Hollick installed in his living room.
  • Experiencing his first CrossFit workout.
  • How CrossFit affected his tumor.
  • Finding community at every gym he dropped in at.
  • Pursuing all of the education.
  • How this episode of Box Talk influenced Hollick.
  • Why the CrossFit gym went in the living room instead of the garage.
  • How it grew over time because Hollick wanted to get better at one thing. 
  • How a rope climb led to Affiliation.
  • What led to the gym moving out of Hollick’s living room?
  • Looking for the perfect space and the challenges he faced.
  • The worst mistake he made.
  • Where CrossFit Hydrogen currently sits.
  • A common denominator Hollick has seen throughout the industry. 

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