Episode 5: How to Not Kill Your Partnership


Jonathan Burgard, Affiliate of True Glory CrossFit, has two business partners who own the gym with him. And that’s how it has been since the beginning.

Like any relationship, partnerships can be messy. In the podcast, Burgard shares how at the beginning of the Box, there was a struggle of who fit into what role. But with constant communication, honesty and a little bit of love, Burgard has found the partnership allow for True Glory to thrive.

In fact, Burgard has now entered into partnerships with two brand new Affiliates, acting as their mentor as they begin the journey of running their own successful gyms. Since Burgard travels for his full-time job, he has been to hundreds of Boxes and has seen what works, and what doesn’t. From these experiences, he has grown his own business and is now helping to grow other gyms.

All in all, Burgard explains partnerships only work with constant communication, compromise and a focus on the business’ mission. Plus, he gave several tips and pieces of advice on best business practices that he has seen from Boxes across the nation. Listen to the podcast to hear how Burgard is finding success in partnerships at his Box, True Glory CrossFit:

Show Notes

  • Burgard’s journey of opening the gym with his two business partners.
  • The Box was built to change the Poconos area.
  • What could he bring to his CrossFit business?
  • Business partnerships require a lot of give and take.
  • Each partner in the True Glory trio brings their own flavor.
  • The reason behind the Box’s growth? Focusing on its mission.
  • Ultimately, partnership is about compromise.
  • Even though you may run another business, that doesn’t mean you can run a CrossFit gym.
  • Communication is essential in True Glory’s partnership.
  • Establishing salaries and roles is crucial.
  • Burgard has had to embrace some serious humility in his business.
  • Eye contact is huge in coaching.
  • The best Boxes Burgard visits are the smallest Boxes.
  • Why True Glory has 30 minutes between all of its classes.
  • What Burgard’s role has been in helping other Affiliates open Boxes.
  • Burgard reflects on his past Box Pro blog, “Affiliates, Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

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