Episode 49: The Many Branding Colors of Koda CrossFit


Do you think running one CrossFit gym is hard?

Try running six gyms with all of their branding, because that’s what Koda CrossFit is up to. Koda has expanded to incorporate six different locations. Each has a different story, but each embodies the brand in its own way. Co-owner Jared Muse sat down with Box Pro to record an episode of Box Talk. He shared the story of how Koda began, as well as how each location got started.

Plus, one unique thing is how each gym has taken the overarching brand and made it its own. Hear what that has done for each location, as well as the apparel that’s ordered. If you’re considering opening another location, listen to Muse’s advice on branding and begin drafting a plan on how you can recreate your stellar brand in another space:

Show Notes

  • How Muse found CrossFit.
  • What led him to jump from athlete to business owner.
  • Going from coaching to owning six locations.
  • Why the business partnership at Koda works.
  • A goal of five locations in fives years, and how Koda made that – almost – happen.
  • How to start multiple locations, Koda style.
  • What makes the original Koda unique.
  • How they got a bunch of members to start.
  • The power of being present in the local community.
  • What are Kodaversaries?
  • What professional pictures did for the gym.
  • Each gym has its own original brand. What does that look like?
  • How Koda deals with apparel – ordering, design and more.
  • Where do touch-points with each location happen?
  • Advice on opening another location.
  • Delegation is key and why you need to prepare for the unknown.
  • What makes a class successful in Muse’s eyes.
  • The coaching model at Koda CrossFit.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.