Episode 48: Training Masters Athletes at CrossCut CrossFit

masters athletes

Does trying new sports have to take a back seat as you age?

That’s a big no from Dave Prois. Co-owner of CrossCut CrossFit with his wife, Darlene, the two Affiliate owners find themselves in the masters category. But that hasn’t stopped them from getting their Level 2s, or from opening the gym in Hayward, Wisconsin.

Being masters athletes themselves, it’s no wonder their gym’s demographic reflects this. However, Dave and Darlene have catered to the population in ways you might not expect. Whether it’s purchasing certain kinds and varieties of equipment, or deciding to offer Rx programming for masters, they are finding ways to keep the demographic engaged. And they dive into not only their story, but how they are successfully engaging masters athletes, in the latest episode of Box Talk.

Do you have a population of masters athletes in your gym? Are you curious how to grow your offering? Or do you want to beginning reaching this demographic? Listen to the episode below, gain insight to the needs and desires of masters, and learn how to reach them today:

Show Notes

  • The story of Dave and Darlene Prois.
  • Why they moved from kettlebells to CrossFit.
  • Taking their Level 1 without much practice.
  • Why Darlene was skeptical of CrossFit at first.
  • How their children are involved.
  • Why they decided to open a CrossFit gym.
  • Being a gym in a small town and what that looks like.
  • Serving the masters demographic at CrossCut CrossFit.
  • What equipping your gym for masters looks like.
  • Why they can afford such a variety of equipment.
  • How do you retain masters athletes?
  • Getting creative with different programming levels.
  • Check out Darlene’s blogs here.
  • How Dave keeps his masters athletes in check, rest wise.
  • Why you shouldn’t dumb-down the exercises so much for masters athletes.
  • Tips on attracting the masters demographic

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