Episode 47: Behind the Cover – CrossFit Hale

CrossFit Hale

It was an email that got Jay Williams back into the gym.

He was over 300 pounds and had been getting an email from the same CrossFit gym for over a year. Finally, he looked through his inbox and found the last one sent. That sparked a journey leading him to open two gyms, one in England and one in California.

In September/October 2016, Williams appeared on the cover of Box Pro Magazine. Today, the interview from that cover story is being released. Hear his story and his business insight. Check out what he learned from opening two gyms, and from running two gyms. Take one nugget away, whether it’s the need for consistent emails or reading “The Pumpkin Plan,” and see how your business can benefit today.

Show Notes

  • How Jay Williams found CrossFit after gaining at over 300 pounds at 30 years of age.
  • Why consistent emails work, at least in Williams’ case.
  • Moving to London and what that meant for Williams’ CrossFit career.
  • How CrossFit Thames got started and what it looked like at the beginning.
  • Experimenting with emails and what that looks like.
  • Moving Thames to a larger space and what that meant for membership.
  • The leap of faith Williams took in 2012.
  • Setting an example for Williams’ daughter.
  • What it’s like to run a gym from across the pond.
  • The quick turnaround that made opening CrossFit Hale in November 2013 happen.
  • Coming to turns with not meeting Williams’ projected numbers for CrossFit Hale.
  • The very first class at CrossFit Hale didn’t go well…
  • CrossFit Hale has grown every time this has happened.
  • The differences between opening CrossFit Thames and opening CrossFit Hale.
  • What’s the deal with discounts?
  • What makes CrossFit Hale unique?
  • Williams’ recommendation to read “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek.
  • Getting your staff and Coaches onboard with your philosophy.
  • The idea of living life and getting results.
  • Williams’ roles at the two gyms and how they shifted.
  • The quest for the perfect burger…
  • Last pieces of advice from Williams, including not creating a job for himself and working with the right people.
  • The idea Williams grabbed from “The Pumpkin Plan” and how its benefited his gym.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.