Episode 46: Personal Training and More at CrossFit El Cid

El Cid

Did you know on average a full-time personal trainer can make about $45,500 a year?

ACPE reported this stat in a blog, and it makes sense CrossFit El Cid in West Palm Beach, Florida, is helping its trainers pursue one-on-ones. In fact, Carl Penney, the gym’s manager, said he even helps his Coaches market themselves. To him, providing the staff with opportunities to make a living in fitness means opening the door for personal training.

In the latest episode of Box Talk, Penney shares what it’s like been running the gym and learning how to grow it. He’s had to replace his coaching hat with the managing cap, and he dives into what that’s been like. Listen below to how El Cid is growing its personal training offering, getting Coaches to understand their value and more:

Show Notes

  • Where does the name and logo for CrossFit El Cid come from?
  • How Carl Penney found CrossFit and grew in his managerial role.
  • What closing one gym and opening another five months later looks like.
  • The difference between the Coach brain and the manager brain.
  • Where organization comes into play.
  • Why you should be offering personal training.
  • How El Cid grew its personal training offering.
  • What the best personal training programs are written in.
  • Getting Coaches to understand their value.
  • Why results are important.
  • How Penney is helping his Coaches market themselves.
  • Making personal training applicable to every athlete.
  • How El Cid has shifted in the clients who come into the gym.
  • Penney’s last pieces of advice – including charging more and roles.

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