Episode 45: Behind the Cover – Max Effort CrossFit

Max Effort

Do you ever wonder how the OG’s of CrossFit got to where they are today?

Zach Forrest, the owner of Max Effort Fitness in Las Vegas, Nevada, found CrossFit in SEAL training through his instructor, Dave Castro. It’s stories like this that throw it back to the days when CrossFit truly was born.

However, since finding CrossFit, Forrest has taken a winding path of opening and selling various gyms, as well as going through various partnerships. Still, his business has grown. Appearing on the November/December 2016 cover, Forrest’s knowledge and know-how are still applicable today. Below you’ll find the cover interview with Forrest, hearing about his business, how he has full-time staff with benefits, why basics are key and the need to constantly reevaluate. Listen closely and see what you can learn from one of the OG’s in the industry.

Show Notes

  • How Zach Forrest found CrossFit from the OG’s in SEAL training.
  • Finding his way into training civilians in CrossFit in Las Vegas.
  • The many locations and business partners of Forrest.
  • What Forrest learned from his many partnerships.
  • The definition of success, in Forrest’s opinion, and how it’s changed.
  • What took Max Effort to being run with full-time staff.
  • Deciding on positions and their compensation – some of which is tied directly to retention.
  • The importance of giving your staff something to own versus just something to do.
  • How Forrest goes about finding members for his team, and where helping the entire picture as a whole comes into play.
  • Why Max Effort does the basics really well.
  • How reputation and location equal some of the highest drop-in attendance around.
  • Why automation is a huge thing and an example of it in play at Max Effort.
  • Where Forrest gained his business know-how from.
  • Why you need to constantly reevaluate.
  • Where Forrest sees himself in five years.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.