Episode 43: Behind the Cover – CrossFit Central

CrossFit Central

In 2017, CrossFit Central’s brother-sister dynamic duo graced the cover of Box Pro Magazine.

Carey Kepler and Jeremy Thiel have had a winding path since opening their Affiliate. They’ve opened and closed gyms and locations; they’ve watched their Coaches open their own gyms; they have faced plenty of transition and change. So, they had a lot to share.

Take a listen to this cover story interview and learn from their passion, their successes and their unrelenting purpose as an Affiliate:

Show Notes

  • How Carey Kepler found CrossFit through her brother, Jeremy Thiel.
  • Why she and Thiel were hooked.
  • Transitioning into the first training facility from their boot camp and how many members it took.
  • Working with family and what that’s been like.
  • Understanding the different locations and Affiliates of CrossFit Central’s history.
  • What changed their “take over the world” mentality.
  • The number of CrossFit gyms that have spawned from CrossFit Central has been phenomenal.
  • Kepler and Thiel’s mentality behind Coaches leaving to open their own gyms.
  • Why having tough conversations and making hard decisions is essential for business.
  • Personal development has been instrumental to their success as leaders – using resources like Landmark, Tony Robbins, Emergence and Dani Johnson.
  • Managing the process of change and transition as professionals has been key.
  • Why being represented at the CrossFit Games has been a testament to the mindset Central cultivates.
  • The power of truly knowing one’s purpose.
  • Onboarding at CrossFit Central and what that looks like.
  • Why Central assigned athletes to Coaches.
  • Where the longevity of the client is, and how Central is addressing that.
  • What Thiel and Kepler are focusing on now.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.