Episode 41: Behind the Cover – CrossFit LA

CrossFit LA

Have you ever thought owning a gym is hard?

If you haven’t you might be delusional, or you’ve just had a lot of luck along the way. Kenny Kane, the owner of CrossFit LA, grew up in the fitness industry, watching his parents make their living in health and wellness. So, he knew just how hard owning a fitness facility could be. In fact, it was one of the things that kept him from starting or buying a gym until Andy Petranek, the founder of CrossFit LA, decided to sell the Box.

Through a series of events – and because of a great relationship between Kane and Petranek – the ownership shifted. And recently, Kane has been rebranded to Oak Park: Home of CrossFit LA. However, the information he revealed back in 2017 when Kane appeared on the cover of the March/April issue is still relevant to today. Below is the initial interview between Editor Heater Hartmann and Kane. Hear their conversation about CrossFit LA, about the longevity of membership and the importance of mastery in training.

Show Notes

  • The story of how Andy Petranek started CrossFit LA.
  • Systematizing an Affiliate business for the first time.
  • How Kenny Kane got into the world of CrossFit.
  • One of the biggest mistakes that Kane feels the industry has made.
  • How CrossFit evolved for Kane via community.
  • A decision was made in 2012 involving competition.
  • What brought Kane to the point of buying CrossFit LA.
  • The start of Kane’s personal training.
  • Why owning a gym is like being lost forever.
  • What the transition of ownership looked like.
  • Why Kane needs to be an owner of a brick and motor place.
  • What is the Box Pro Summit Kane mentioned?
  • The new methodology of training for longevity.
  • Diving into Kane’s mastery method.
  • Changing from the mindset of elite fitness that beat people up.
  • What Kane and CrossFit LA missed and did wrong.
  • The different between practice, competition and mental toughness days.
  • What a coaching internship at CrossFit LA looks like.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.