Episode 40: The Curious Case of CrossFit KLEW

CrossFit KLEW

At 27 years old, Kathryn Lewis has owned CrossFit KLEW, located in Somerset, New Jersey, for five years. And she’s learned a lot along the way.

Joking she is a sort of “Curious Case of Benjamin Button” type – an old soul in a young body – Lewis sat down with Editor Heather Hartmann in Episode 40 of Box Talk to chat about KLEW. In the show, she shares her story of finding and being inspired by the community of CrossFit. She dives into how she’s gone about building a well-known brand through T-shirts, about the power of mentorship and the fact that sometimes you just have to be blunt in saying no.

Listen to the episode below. Ask what will it take to build a powerhouse brand? Ask what will it take to never have the lights off? And then use the answer to grow your gym:

Show Notes

  • The story of Kathryn Lewis and how she found CrossFit.
  • Why supportive parents and a brother are awesome things to have.
  • How Lewis’ job has morphed through the years.
  • When the lights are off, something isn’t happening…
  • How CrossFit KLEW built its well-known brand.
  • The growth of the gym through the power of the T-shirt.
  • Building a culture of feedback at Klew.
  • How to tell members no — and how to pick and choose your battles.
  • The power of mentorships and having a coach of your own.
  • Lewis’ top advice in the five years she’s owned her business.
  • What to do with feedback you don’t like.
  • Where is KLEW headed? One word: Events.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.