Episode 39: Behind the Cover – Four Barrel CrossFit

Four Barrel

Last fall, Four Barrel CrossFit graced the cover of Box Pro Magazine.

This spring, Editor Heather Hartmann releases her interview with Case Belcher, the owner of the gym. They chat about his story and how he came to open a Box, winding from coaching at various gyms in Louisville, Kentucky, to starting his own in New Albany, Indiana. He shares about his staff and how he is continually pouring into his staff/Coaches. Case reveals the hardships of opening his second location in Louisville. And most importantly, he dives into why he’s building a business 30 miles deep.

Listen to the episode below and reflect on what makes Case’s business a success. Take a nugget, apply to your gym today. Four Barrel is still growing and thriving; they must be doing something right:

Show Notes

  • Case Belcher’s winding path into business and fitness.
  • How he found CrossFit.
  • The underlying passion that drove Belcher forward to open Four Barrel.
  • How Belcher went about introducing people to what CrossFit was.
  • Defining fitness at Four Barrel.
  • Belcher’s growth strategy and his vision of growth.
  • Opening the second location of the gym — and the problems that ensued.
  • Changes in staff and building up a point person.
  • How Belcher has gone about finding his team.
  • Top lessons learned over the years, including daily Coaches training.
  • Where Belcher got his “work hard” mentality.
  • His worst job growing up is, well, shocking.
  • How relationships have become essential to Four Barrel being around for 100 years.
  • What’s the future look like for Four Barrel?
  • What’s the Leadership Summit Belcher talks about?

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.