Episode 38: Building Ballerinas and More at CrossFit Fury


Peter Egyed never expected to have ballerinas dancing around his gym.

And yet, when the opportunity to partner with a dance instructor came about, he evaluated it thoroughly despite it being quite unusual.

But, that’s who Egyed has been since opening CrossFit Fury. He’s not afraid to look at new opportunities. One of the OGs of the industry, he has grown with it and learned a lot along the way. He’s always open to new ideas and dreams. His gym, CrossFit Fury, has changed and adapted over the years, but its mission to impact the surrounding community has remained the same.

So take a listen to the latest Box Talk episode. Hear Egyed’s advice and what his plans are. Be open to new ideas and possible change. And then take one thing today and apply it to your gym. You might be surprised what you find:

Show Notes

  • The rough start of Peter Egyed’s life and how fitness was used to battle addiction.
  • How he found CrossFit and why he was enticed by it.
  • Camping and competing at the first CrossFit Games.
  • The biggest learning processes of owning a business.
  • How Fury has kept its processes more efficient through using software data.
  • What Egyed is looking to grow in this year — which includes taxes.
  • Breaking down the programs offered at CrossFit Fury.
  • Why you should consider having daycare at your gym.
  • Farming at Fury and what that has looked like.
  • How Fury got involved with a bunch of ballerinas.
  • The dream collaborative space Egyed is looking to build.
  • How to choose what opportunities to take advantage of.
  • Advice on expanding your offerings.
  • Where the name of Fury came from and why you need an established brand of your own on top of CrossFit.
  • Why Egyed has a board of directors at his gym.
  • How CrossFit and Egyed are getting the health community involved.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.