Episode 36: What Makes CrossFit Sanitas Successful

CrossFit Sanitas

How do you determine if you are successful?

There can be a lot of different factors that determine if someone has become a success. Often it’s things like profit or number of members. Sometimes it’s engagement or trust in relationships. It could be the size of your company’s building or how many staff you have. The measures of success often vary, but I often feel one tried and true testament is feedback.

You can be hitting all the numbers, but if those you are serving have negative feedback, something is amiss. A lot depends on your audience’s perception of you; thus, it’s key to ask them. So when Melissa Roza, the owner of CrossFit Sanitas in Boulder, Colorado, shared they do membership feedback surveys twice a year and how they use them in the Box, it made sense why the gym has flourished since the time they opened.

In this episode, I dive into what makes CrossFit Sanitas tick, from surveys to space to professional staff. Roza shares challenges and hardships they’ve had to overcome, and her mindset behind various decisions and choices she’s made. Listen to the show below and see what you can take away to grow your own business:

Show Notes

  • The story of CrossFit Sanitas and how it got started.
  • What’s offered at the gym and why.
  • How patience has paid off for Sanitas.
  • Breaking down the space the Box has been in from the beginning.
  • How laminator love has led to great organization at the gym.
  • Balancing member requests and what that looks like.
  • Why they have Crossover Symmetry and the benefit Roza has seen.
  • Boulder’s 100-year flood and what it did to Sanitas.
  • How the community reacted to the flood.
  • Why Roza thinks members have stayed for eight-plus years.
  • Paying attention to the details in events, programming and more.
  • The benefits of having full-time Coaches.
  • Roza’s advice for the Affiliate owner.
  • Why member feedback is a good thing.
  • How to start investing in your Coaches.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.