Episode 35: When You Get Kicked Out of Your Space with Ohio Strength

Ohio Strength

What would happen if you were kicked out of your gym space?

Unfortunately, Ryan McFadyen of Ohio Strength had to answer that question in 2017. He shares about why he had to move his 190-member gym to function out of two shipping containers in a church parking lot, diving into the fears and struggles he had during the ordeal. But, like most things there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Now, in 2018 McFadyen is ready to continue to grow. He shares what they are doing for the Open, focusing on building community and pouring into what they have. As you listen to the episode, learn from the tough lessons McFadyen’s learned and the power building community can have in your own Box:

Show Notes

  • Ryan McFadyen has thought about owning a gym since high school.
  • His role in Rogue and what that looked like.
  • What injuries taught McFadyen about training.
  • Watching CrossFit grow from inside Rogue.
  • Business advice McFadyen got from his time inside Rogue.
  • The pros and cons of being blunt about things.
  • Three lessons learned over time from owning Ohio Strength.
  • Why you just need to get started with stuff and fight the fear.
  • And why you need to watch out for negative people.
  • What fear did McFadyen have to overcome?
  • How stoicism has changed his mindset — Great reads on this include, “The Obstacle is the Way,” “The Daily Stoic” and “The Subtle Art of Not Giving an F*ck.”
  • Why 2017 was harder than starting the gym itself…
  • How McFadyen ended up running a 190-member gym out of two shipping containers.
  • Why McFadyen almost didn’t come to the Box Pro Leadership Summit — but is glad he did.
  • What 2018 has looked like so far and why what happened in 2017 was kind of a good thing.
  • The Open and what it means at Ohio Strength.
  • How McFadyen explains to his members why they should do the Open.
  • Why you need a plan for the Open.
  • What the Open looks like at Ohio Strength, including leading people through warm-ups.
  • McFadyen’s final encouragement to the Affiliate owner.

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