Episode 34: A Tale of Merging Two Gyms with Ryan Cage

two gyms

Have you ever wondered how a merging of two CrossFit Boxes works?

Wonder no longer.

In 2017, the owner of CrossFit PR Star, Ryan Cage, bought Hammer Down CrossFit.  It was a transition that required a lot of communication and answering some really hard questions, especially since Cage had originally been a member at Hammer Down before opening PR Star. In this episode of Box Talk, he dives into the nitty-gritty details of the merger. It took a great team, a wonderful community and a solid brand to bring two separate gyms into One Family – the gym’s current trending hashtag. He shares lessons learned and what it took to make sure the merging of two gyms was successful.

Listen to the episode below:

Show Notes

  • Cage shares where the name of CrossFit PR Star came from.
  • How he came to own a CrossFit gym through the winding roads of teaching.
  • The way Hammer Down CrossFit changed Cage’s life.
  • And how things eventually led to Cage buying Hammer Down CrossFit.
  • Negotiating the deal to buy/sell Hammer Down.
  • One of the biggest challenges Cage had to overcome in buying the second gym dealt with a member mindset.
  • Why Cage got up in front of a firing squad of members at Hammer Down.
  • The toughest question asked by the Hammer Down community.
  • How Cage brought the two gyms together through Coach evaluations, branding and hashtags.
  • Tough decisions Cage had to make in terms of staff and Coaches.
  • The most interesting member Cage still has at Hammer Down is someone people thought would leave…
  • What is the biggest thing Cage would have done differently since becoming an Affiliate?
  • Unique offerings CrossFit PR Star’s new space is going to have.
  • How Cage changed from his Box owner “hobby” mentality.
  • Branding at CrossFit PR Star, including a recent color change.
  • Rebranding Hammer Down in a month and what that was like…
  • And if merging gyms wasn’t enough, Cage also decided to start another business venture…
  • Why you need to step outside of your Box for one hour a day.
  • If you can’t leave your business, Cage reveals why that is and what needs to change.
  • The benefits of an open communication policy.
  • The craziest requests Cage has got from his members.

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Heather Hartmann
Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.