Episode 33: Nutrition Talk with CrossFit HSN

nutrition talk

Have you started the nutrition conversation in your Box?

Nicole Aucoin, the owner of CrossFit HSN in Deerfield Beach, Florida, sat down with Box Pro on the latest episode of Box Talk to discuss how she brings nutrition into her Box. While Aucoin’s story might be different – she also heads up Healthy Steps Nutrition, a nutrition consulting company, that her CrossFit spawned from – it doesn’t mean nutrition should be any less of a thing in your gym.

Listen to this episode, learn how to start the nutrition convo with your staff and members, and make an even bigger impact this year in the lives of the athletes you train:

Show Notes

  • How Nicole Aucoin got started on the importance of nutrition.
  • What impact working in a hospital had on Aucoin’s CrossFit and nutrition career.
  • Some of the amazing impacts Aucoin has seen by having a nutrition focus.
  • How facts can be a huge player in starting the nutrition conversation.
  • Why you need a consistent nutrition message in your gym.
  • What does nutrition accountability and support look like?
  • How Aucoin uses a nutrition Question of the Day in her gym.
  • Why your Coaches need to all be saying the same thing.
  • Does Aucoin look for a nutrition background when hiring Coaches?
  • How Aucoin applied her artistic ability to her gym to bring members a constant reminder of nutrition’s importance.
  • The biggest problem Aucoin sees in Affiliates.
  • How content production can play a huge role in nutrition.
  • The initial nutrition approach and how to do it.
  • Why you need to focus on nutrition in 2018.
  • The hard lessons Aucoin has learned as an Affiliate owner.
  • Check out Aucoin’s book!
  • Two applicable things for your gym when it comes to nutrition.


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