Episode 29: The Secrets of Social Media and Rebranding with Elevate

social media and rebranding

Image is a big deal.

Whether in your personal life or dealing with a business, image is essential to get right. Sometimes, it takes rebranding yourself or your gym. Elevate in St. Petersburg, Florida, recently went through a rebranding to better match its mission and goals. Cullen Griffin is the Box’s social media and marketing guru. He helped the gym go through the process, and shares what it was like coming up with the ideas for a new brand on this episode of Box Talk.

But it doesn’t end there! Griffin also dives into social media, handing out tips left and right for Facebook and Instagram. Listen to the show and increase your social media and rebranding game by implementing at least one of his tips today:

Show Notes

  • How Cullen Griffin’s view of mornings got him into the industry of CrossFit.
  • The transition of four different entities into one under the name Elevate.
  • Why Elevate sought clarity for its brand.
  • Defining branding: What is it and why is it important?
  • Initial steps to take to brand your business, including asking why.
  • How Elevate slowly introduced members to the new brand.
  • Facebook Live’s roll in answering members’ questions about the rebranding.
  • Playing into Facebook and Google’s algorithms.
  • Is marketing important? Griffin shares his thoughts.
  • The end goal of marketing no matter who you are is… hear it at 18:56!
  • Griffin’s tips on Facebook, including why you don’t always want to post with links.
  • The secrets of Instagram, including commenting on other’s posts.
  • Why you need to treat Instagram like you would another person.
  • Griffin’s three steps to take today to better your business marketing.
  • The power of the “drunk navigation” test in determining your barrier to entry.
  • How to best utilize local Facebook groups in real life.
  • What should you invest in more?
  • Griffin’s rough blueprint on using Instagram, social media and marketing.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.