Episode 28: Traveling the Business Realm with Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper

Mistakes and successes follow us through life. Chris Cooper said he’s made incredible mistakes.

But he has also learned from them. Since opening Catalyst, Cooper has been on a journey of pursuing excellence in his various pursuits. He sat down with Box Pro Magazine for an episode of Box Talk, sharing the lessons he’s learned throughout the years. Listen to his mistakes, his advice, where he thinks this industry is going and then make an application today. You might be surprised what works.

  • Chris Cooper and what he is up to currently.
  • Who is the ideal client for CrossFit owners?
  • How to take the lessons learned in the gym and extrapolate them for other businesses.
  • The evolution of the fitness industry over the past five years involves profit.
  • Cooper’s seven deadly sins of business mistakes.
  • The three questions Cooper asks his top members.
  • Why do you need to duplicate yourself?
  • What Cooper has to say about marketing and where the actual magic occurs.
  • Do you write love letters?
  • Why unsubscribes on your email list aren’t necessarily a bad thing.
  • The diminishing power of free trials, and the growing power of education.
  • What Idaho has to do with innovation in the industry.
  • What are you projecting on to others?
  • How CrossFit HQ is becoming more proactive in addressing business issues.
  • What does the future of this industry look like?
  • How the idea of coaching is truly powerful.
  • Where does nutrition come in?
  • Can you coach people if they’re not in front of you?
  • When Chris Cooper finally says something nice about Heather.
  • Take action today and look for opportunities to help.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.