Episode 27: Common Movement Mistakes with Michael Bann


Movement is essential in this industry.

As Coaches and owners, you look at people moving all day long. So, it’s essential to know what to look for and what to teach those you are coaching.

Michael Bann is a “movement exert” at OPEX. In this episode, he shares his journey into the industry, common faults he sees in his athletes, education Coaches should pursue and more. While you need to become a business expert, it’s also important to feed your coaching side as well, Affiliate! Check out the latest episode to dive deep into the world of moving well:

Show Notes:

  • The journey of Michael Bann and realizing there was a lot more to fitness.
  • Proof behind Bann’s long-standing desire to help people.
  • His obsession with FMS and how James Fitzgerald sparked change in Bann.
  • Why Bann pursued SFMA even though he wasn’t a doctor.
  • The effect a pain science conference had on Bann’s methodology.
  • Where he started to look at movement beyond just moving — as in, it means taking care of everything outside of the gym.
  • Common movement faults Bann has seen in the industry.
  • The steps Coaches should take, including reading “Movement.”
  • Continuing education pieces suggested by Bann to grow as a Coach — FMS, PRI, DNS, OPEX’s CCP.
  • How Bann starts when it comes to evaluating a client’s movement.
  • Why you need to look out for your own biases as a Coach.
  • What most clients have that you need to figure out in individual design.
  • If your business doesn’t allow for individual design, then what?
  • Where you need to meet people in coaching them.
  • Why you need to drop the dogma.
  • Bann’s final tip for the Coach.

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