Episode 25: How to Grow Your Gym with TJ Belger

How to grow your gym

It’s probably safe to say that as a business owner you’re looking to grow. But the question is always how to grow your gym?

Since the 90s, TJ Belger has been in the fitness industry. Growing his business – TJ’s Gyms – hasn’t been easy but he’s learned to change things along the way. It’s taken adaptation and listening to what his clients need. From implementing systems to incorporating personal training to using contracts, Belger shares his story. Learn from his mistakes and failures – which he shares willingly and with a good laugh – in order to learn how to grow your gym.

Show Notes

  • How T.J. Belger got involved in the world of personal training.
  • What led Belger to one of the gayest gyms in the world to become one of the only straight trainers there.
  • How he became the first trainer to have a website in San Francisco.
  • Why having invested $200,000 into a brand new gym became a problem in 2005.
  • How a bucket of cash led Belger to realize he was not a businessman.
  • Where Belger learned how to run a business; it involved Andy Petranek.
  • How implementing contracts led to more referrals.
  • Professionalizing TJ’s Gyms and what that looks like for Coaches, systems and members.
  • Why you should look at other fitness businesses in order to be the best.
  • What is Belger’s jam and how it helps his Coaches succeed.
  • How a hair salon can launch your training career.
  • How to grow a business by being part of peoples’ lives.
  • Ask yourself, how many businesses succeed selling one product?
  • Why you need to sit down and get member feedback.
  • Why you should have a coach yourself.
  • Some of Belger’s biggest failures in the life of his business.
  • Why “The E-Myth Revisited” is a good read.
  • How Belger builds up his Coaches to be personal trainers.
  • Finding staff for your gym and filling the holes in your game.
  • Belger’s final three pieces of advice.
  • Hoping you don’t step in the same holes, Belger is happy to talk: tj@tjsgym.com

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