Episode 24: How to Grow Additional Revenue Streams

additional revenue sources

Wondering where to look for additional revenue?

Jamie Gallagher, the owner of CrossFit Burke in Fairfax, Virginia, shares how he has built additional revenue streams at his gym. From the pros of having other sources of revenue to better retention of his Coaches, he explains CrossFit Burke is benefitting from serving up programs a la carte.

In this latest episode of Box Talk, Gallagher dives into his journey of finding CrossFit, the offerings his gym has, the specific additional revenue streams he’s built, how his Coaches are positively impacted, how to measure success and what this all means for his members. Check it out below and find ways to grow your own business:

Show Notes

  • How Jamie Gallagher came to train a whole lot of Marines in Japan in CrossFit.
  • The ways in which Gallagher pounded the pavement to learn if he was any good at running a fitness business.
  • What is Gallagher’s dog doing?
  • How he came to know what he didn’t know through a free resource in Virginia.
  • Breaking down additional revenue streams at CrossFit Burke.
  • How The Pumpkin Plan has influenced Gallagher.
  • Why extras are a la carte in order to avoid diluting revenue.
  • How to stem the tide of the dip of revenue in the summer.
  • Getting members to understand the value of paying for those additional add-ons.
  • Gallagher’s open gym experiment and what he learned.
  • CrossFit Burke’s top additional revenue streams.
  • The idea behind the Parties and Events offering.
  • What’s key for someone to lead one of these programs?
  • How mini-business plans help direct Coaches and their ideas for additional revenue streams.
  • How Coaches can work up to the 4/9ths model at CrossFit Burke with add-on programs.
  • Measuring the success of a program.
  • Why you should have additional revenue streams in your gym in order to help retention.
  • Ask members what they want and don’t be afraid to fail.
  • How clinics can draw in members to additional revenue streams.

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