Episode 23: Picking Programs in Philly

picking programs

Choices can be overwhelming, but they can be downright scary when it comes to picking programs to next appear on your schedule.

Wil Vicinus, the president and founder of Fearless Athletics, explained it’s been quite a task picking programs and speciality classes to add to the company’s two locations, CrossFit South Philly and CrossFit Penn’s Landing. However, in order to reach different demographics – and to give members what they want and need – it’s been essential.

Today, both locations have a host of programs and speciality classes. In the episode below, Vicinus shares the journey he’s taken to adding each. Plus, he dives into what has helped the programs and classes succeed, how to know when to let them go, and the benefits of expanding your business’ offerings. Take a listen and begin to ponder if you are willing and able to add a program or speciality class that just might take your Box to the next level.

Show Notes

  • How running got Wil Vicinus into CrossFit.
  • What happened when his Coach moved away.
  • Growth through giving back to the community.
  • Where the brand of fearless came in.
  • How four members helped decide the future of Fearless Athletics.
  • Breaking down the various programs of the gym.
  • How it was decided what programs and classes to add.
  • Two ways Vicinus and his business are giving back.
  • The story behind Fearless Athletics’ partnership with Steve’s Club and Phoenix Multisport.
  • When adding on specialty partnerships, there are a couple things to keep in mind.
  • Why Vicinus still has every new athlete go through the intro to CrossFit course even if they say they don’t want to do CrossFit.
  • What helps a program find success, via the example of Fearless Athletics’ competition class.
  • How to figure out the program’s schedule
  • When to know it’s time to cut a class time or scheduled program.
  • Three ways to get feedback from your members.
  • Vicinus’ thoughts on the “Just CrossFit” or “Expand beyond it” question.
  • Laying out the membership options of Fearless Athletics, which are based on members’ goals.
  • Three last things to do to grow a successful program.

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