Episode 22: How to Become a Better Leader

become a better leader

Whether you like it or not, Affiliate, you are a leader. And there is probably room for growth.

However, how do you become a better leader? How do you learn and grow and develop your leadership skills?

Heather Hartmann sat down with Val Wright, a leadership expert and the founder of Val Wright Consulting, to discuss her thoughts on how the Box owner can become a better leader. Wright offers up observation from years spent in the corporate world on what good and bad leaders look like, as well as some of the biggest pitfalls leaders can fall into if they aren’t careful. Plus, she shares how the Affiliate can begin developing better leaders in staff and Coaches.

Listen below to hear a leadership expert’s advice on how you too can continue developing and growing, leading your business to further success:

Show Notes

  • How Val Wright came to know Nadia Shatila, the owner of CrossFit Belltown.
  • Her journey of becoming a leadership expert.
  • What is the biggest influencer on a business’ success?
  • A realization that involved Wright talking more.
  • The definition of leadership and the importance of followership.
  • How to create a followership in your own business.
  • Does the virtual you reflect the real you?
  • Signs of when it’s time to fire yourself.
  • Check out Heather Hartmann’s blog on Wright’s book, “Thoughtfully Ruthless.”
  • A key reason why Wright quit her corporate life.
  • How coaching leaders is just like coaching the deadlift.
  • Here’s the website to get a free chapter of “Thoughtfully Ruthless” and for the assessment to trigger helpful insights.
  • What is the “Triple A” of learning?
  • How Wright learned honesty is the best policy.
  • The No. 1 mistake leaders make, in Wright’s opinion.
  • Why people need silence.
  • The importance of upgrading your inner circle.
  • Next steps you can take to become a better leader in your business.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.