Episode 20: Tip of the Marketing Spear at CrossFit Spearhead

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One of the most visited pages on Box Pro’s website is the Marketing category.

This has been true for years as Affiliates are continually trying to learn how to better reach potential clients. However, it often doesn’t come down to fancy marketing campaigns, days spent at events or hundreds of dollars dropped on a billboard. Often, it comes down to branding.

Dallin Frampton, the owner of CrossFit Spearhead in Holladay, Utah, shares his experience in branding. From the moment he opened the gym in 2012, Frampton was thinking about how he wanted his business portrayed.

In this episode of Box Talk, he shares the ins and outs of creating CrossFit Spearhead’s brand, as well as how to start a marketing campaign and practical marketing tips for the Affiliate. Listen to it below to get some tips and tricks on how to better reach your business’ members, both current and potential:

Show Notes

  • Dallin Frampton was training on the amateur triathlon team when he found CrossFit.
  • Where the name CrossFit Spearhead comes from and what it stands for.
  • Frampton’s role in CrossFit, Inc. and Hope for Kenya.
  • The only way to truly dominate a market.
  • How CrossFit Spearhead has stands out.
  • Answering the question of “How are you going to grab the attention of your clients and potential clients?”
  • What should be the cornerstone of your marketing campaign?
  • When a membership trade is absolutely awesome.
  • Why social media posting needs to be part of a larger campaign.
  • Questions to ask to determine what you should and shouldn’t post.
  • How to get started in creating a marketing plan.
  • The campaign “Humans of Spearhead” and where it came from.
  • Tips and advice on marketing from Frampton himself.
  • How to have explosive growth in your business through social media.
  • One of the fastest ways to fail, in Frampton’s opinion.

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