Episode 19: Developing FemSTRONG at CrossFit Apogee


Sometimes inspiration strikes when you least expect it.

Don Moss, the founder of CrossFit Apogee, had such a moment at the 2016 Box Pro Leadership Summit. During the first night’s Sip and Stir event, Moss and his group named the cocktail they created Femme Strong. What started out as a joke sparked an idea in Moss’ head, an idea for an all-women’s program at CrossFit Apogee.

In January 2017, FemSTRONG launched at the Box located in Gibsonton, Florida. In this episode of Box Talk, Moss dives into the program’s creation, as well as how you too can start your own speciality programs. Listen to his advice, experience and more in hopes to grow your business to impact the people within your community:

Show Notes

  • How Don Moss came to own and open CrossFit Apogee.
  • Where the gym’s name comes from.
  • How the program FemSTRONG started at the Box Pro Leadership Summit.
  • The reason behind having other options.
  • One thing that’s captivated the FemSTRONG ladies in the program.
  • What marketing the program looks like and what works.
  • How Moss has gone about staffing the program.
  • Moss’ top attributes for a women-only program Coach.
  • Developing the program and what that looked like.
  • Why an internal survey is a good place to start with a new program.
  • Behind the scenes of Moss’ “Drinks with Don” consulting business… just kidding.
  • Should you have multiple programs or not? Moss weighs in.
  • Measurable ways to determine if a program is successful.
  • One way to get a Coach to take ownership of a program through the example of FemSTRONG.
  • What Moss sees in terms of the future of FemSTRONG.
  • A final piece of advice that involves Dory from Finding Nemo.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.