Episode 18: The Open and Beyond with James Fitzgerald


Life’s twists and turns are often unpredictable, as James Fitzgerald can tell you.

Growing up, he had every intention to make a living in professional sport. And while for a time that dream came true, it wasn’t anything like he thought. Along a road of injury, recovery, entrepreneurship and discovery, Fitzgerald has taken his experiences and used them to propel himself forward.

He sat down with Box Talk to share his story about how he found CrossFit, as well as how he came to create OPEX. More than that, Fitzgerald shares about some of the top lessons he’s learned in both sport and business. He also dives into the topic of how to set appropriate goals for your members this Open season, and why you should know what’s going on outside of your gym. Listen to the episode below to hear his insights this Open season, and beyond!

Show Notes

  • How James Fitzgerald became a knight.
  • What he is currently up to.
  • Why Fitzgerald didn’t become a professional soccer player.
  • Reflecting on the why can be a powerful thing.
  • One trait of Fitzgerald’s that can harm his business.
  • Costa Rica was almost the end of OPEX.
  • How Fitzgerald found CrossFit and his participation in the sport.
  • Is he going to do the Open this year?
  • The demons he and other elite athletes have to fight.
  • Two things to keep in mind with the Open and your members.
  • The importance of asking your members quality questions.
  • How Fitzgerald’s injury taught him about individualization.
  • Biggest lessons learned in sport.
  • Biggest lessons learned in business.
  • Why you should know what’s going on outside of your gym.
  • Know who you’re speaking to versus just speaking your own language.
  • The one thing you should know about OPEX from the founder himself.
  • Reach him at james@opexfit.com!
  • Want another podcast with Fitzgerald? Email heather@peakemedia.com with what you want to hear.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.