Episode 17: Business isn’t Rainbows and Butterflies with OPEX


It turns out Jim Crowell loves business.

As the director of business development and management at OPEX, Crowell helps Coaches and owners grow and learn. And the longer he shared his story on this episode of Box Talk, the more apparent it became that he wasn’t joking: He truly loves to talk, learn about and teach on business.

However, Crowell made an important note. Business, he said, isn’t all butterflies and rainbows. It’s a lot of hard work, a lot of systems and tracking, a lot of learning along the way. However, the note he ended on made sure to let Affiliates know that in the end, running and owning a gym can truly be rewarding. So, take a listen below, learn a lot from Crowell on running a successful Box, and see just what he thinks makes entrepreneurship worth it:

Show Notes

  • How Jim Crowell found CrossFit.
  • Why he ended up selling his Pittsburgh Boxes.
  • What business means to  Crowell and why he loves it.
  • The mystery and mastery behind OPEX.
  • Lessons learned from owning gyms, including the power of consistency.
  • Something that is unfortunately highly misunderstood…
  • Why you need to know where you and your business want to go.
  • What creates a higher willingness to pay?
  • The article that Crowell mentioned in his discussion on marketing.
  • You have to track everything, or you’re going to lose.
  • If you don’t know this (it involves churn), nothing else will work.
  • Did you know that your clients want you to succeed? Crowell explains why.
  • The reason business isn’t all butterflies and rainbows.
  • What does Crowell mean when he says the Coach has to win, too?
  • The OPEX gym model and what it looks like.
  • What goes in to becoming an OPEX gym?
  • How Crowell is using his own advice when it comes to growth.
  • The importance of standard operating procedures.
  • What is Crowell’s one piece of advice for the Affiliate owner?
  • Managing relationships is hugely important in this business.
  • How unicorns come into play in entrepreneurship.

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