Episode 13: When You Give a Kid a Workout…


Geo Rockwell built his first Affiliate out on the West Coast. However, overtime he transitioned to the East Coast.

Opening CrossFit Federal Hill and CrossFit Cove, Rockwell had his hands full with business. One day a kid walked into his gym with the desire to workout, but without any way to pay for it. Through a chain of events, that one kid seeking fitness has turned into a nonprofit, Community of Strength. Rockwell shares what developing that nonprofit has looked like, as well as other business tips and pieces of advice he has learned over the years:

Show Notes

  • In 2009, Geo chased the sun, surf and sand out to California, where he found CrossFit.
  • Life brought him back to the East Coast in 2012.
  • Weather concern is one of the biggest differences between owning a gym on the East Coast vs. the West Coast.
  • San Diego had more of a transient demographic. Baltimore has more of a rooted demographic.
  • Before opening, dot your I’s and cross your T’s.
  • The community was easy at Geo’s gym in San Diego, but his gym in Baltimore is larger, so it takes more effort.
  • Coaching comes down to the science of relating to people.
  • The little things go a long way.
  • Geo has recently started a non-profit and a podcast.
  • Podcast topics started out really elementary.
  • Ask on social media what people want a podcast about.
  • Podcasts and vlogs can help you clarify your vision.
  • Geo’s nonprofit, Community of Strength, started from one kid walking into the gym and asking to join but not having any money to do so.
  • Currently, about 20 to 30 kids are in the program.
  • Geo’s dream in his past life as a P.E. teacher was to help kids. He even thought about opening up a camp for overweight kids.
  • The first semester in the program is goal setting, the second is leadership and the third puts some of the kids in the position of leading parts of the program.
  • At CrossFit Federal Hill, Geo hosts Level 1s and will give spots to the kids in Community of Strength.
  • There’s a lot you can impart on members, including assessing negativity.
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” Ben Bergeron seminars and various connections have been essential for Geo.
  • It took about five years for Community of Strength to get where it is now.
  • You can learn from your members how to give back to your community.
  • Expand and grow Community of Strength in other cities is Geo’s future outlook.
  • Constantly try to get better and learn. Success takes a lot of hard work.

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