Episode 1: How to Help Your Members’ Nutrition in 2016

Episode 1

Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand. However, the subject of nutrition can be a difficult one to broach with your members. That’s where “Box Talk Episode 1: How to Help Your Members’ Nutrition in 2016” comes in.

Box Pro sat down with Alex Black — a licensed nutritionist and registered dietitian, and a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer at CrossFit Boston — for the first episode of the podcast. Black gave insight into how she approaches the topic of nutrition at the gym with members she trains and has relationships with. While noting that nutrition needs to cater to each specific individual, Black explained nutrition is something that’s important to every single member training at a Box. She said nutrition is like putting gas in your car; you need to fuel what you’re doing.

Black also discusses key problem areas she has seen in terms of the nutrition of the CrossFit Boston membership and how to address these various issues. She shares the benefits of being a CrossFit Trainer who is also a registered dietitian, and she gives some key tips, advice and resources Coaches can use to benefit their own Box’s nutrition. Check out the podcast below for the interview with Alex Black!

Top resources from Alex Black: