Enhanced Profits and Customer Choice

enhanced profits

We all have a dream that reflects our passion supporting our lifestyle. Our passion is the health, fitness and power of the mind to achieve not only our best selves, but also the best for our Box community. As Box owners and managers, do you ever ask yourself, “Beyond CrossFit, what else can I do for my members? What else can I do to gain revenue for success?” With money being an outcome, not a motivator, we constantly review the hot topic of choice.

The quote by Confucius says, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Choice is the greatest consumer driver, especially in our modern world of consumer education, awareness and the diversity of choice. Options are endless and in the huge industry we invest in, the challenges are continual.

It’s like today’s WOD: everyone hates burpees, people want to push for that PB, the music you play to motivate one demotivates another, etc. In business, knowing your audience is vital and listening is now, more than ever, necessary beyond the words we speak. For instance, when it comes to fitness hand protection consumers want choice, customization, no more tears, and ultimately comfort and feel of the movement.

Share of wallet is something we discuss often, but so is core focus. Affiliates can also adopt this mindset and ask themselves, “What can I do to ensure my core focus of functional fitness, is captured within my Box? How can I maximize the spend within my business of functional fitness?”

Affiliates and all fitness centers are traditionally centered on membership and attendance. Ask yourself, what else can I do for my members? Are they proud of our Box and want to wear our apparel? Do we have apparel or accessories we can sell? Do we have supply partners we can promote and with this, can we attract a discount or do we get a rebate?

These, along with many other questions, will ensure you are the local solution toward all aspects of functional fitness. Sometimes this is as daunting as expanding into retail in any environment. It also takes capital, but with savvy payment options with facilities like zipPay, you can get products now and pay later in installments. We are in an age where providing choice is so easy and why not cash in and provide this, rather than only embrace membership? Why not promote choice in your Box so your members only ever have to deal with you?

This then ties into your value proposition to members. Imagine if Johnny asked, “Why do you train at this Box?” Imagine if his response was, “Not only do I love CrossFit, but I can get all my training, products, advice and spend time with mates here!”

Embrace consumer choice awareness, embrace total wellbeing, and make sure your Box is the local provider of the total benefits of our industry.


By Kym Rayfield, the CEO of JAW Global. Kym founded the world’s No.1 pull-up grip six years ago, and her brand is now globally recognized as the best and most comfortable hand protection when working out. Her range now ensures consumers have choice along with customized products to suit individual athlete’s flair. Her passion is humble and her success is inspiring! Choose JAW, stock JAW and be JAWsome! Distribution: Worldwide with Affiliate wholesale opportunities now available! Do you want to earn extra revenue at your Box? For more information, visit jawglobal.com.au.