8 Ways to Better the Experience of Members


One of the things I have learned in my years as both a Box owner and an attorney is that the physical surroundings of both a CrossFit Box and law office have a lot in common: the better the equipment – whether for exercise or providing legal services – the better the experience for your client base. For CrossFit, things such as the rig, barbells, plates, rowers and similar items are pretty commonplace in most Boxes. To supplement what your members see and touch in the Box, and to help promote their wanting to be there, consider the following ancillary items that we use at CrossFit Mayview:

  1. Positive Reinforcement Signs. Put up some posters on your walls. You can make them yourself and print them out for cheap at a local print shop. Put up things that inspire your members. Things such as, “Your Mind is Giving Out But Your Body Isn’t” and “99.999% of the Population Isn’t Doing This, But You Are” are some examples of what we use in our Box. Yes they’re cheesy, but people actually do read them. We’ve had members tell us that in the middle of a WOD their glance at a poster actually made them not quit.
  2. Flags. Our Box has 3- by 5-foot flags hanging, depicting not only the United States but also the five main service branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. The veterans in your Box will appreciate it.
  3. Lounge Area. Most members like to come early and stay late. Have a few couches, chairs and tables – we also have a TV that is equipped to play Crossfit Games videos and other footage – in a designated area where they can sit and converse, take a moment for themselves or use free Wifi – also a necessity.
  4. Whiteboard. We have three large white boards at the front of our Box. Not only do we post the WOD, but we also use it as a message center concerning upcoming events, sign-up for ordering clothing apparel and other announcements. In addition, one of our boards is designated to show the members and their WOD times for each class per day for the week. It allows members to see in a fun way what other folks have done in any specific workout at a specific date.
  5. Warm-up Area. Have a designated warm-up area so folks don’t interfere with the ongoing class when they get there. PVC pipes, stationary bikes, rowers, mats, rollers and bands give the opportunity for members to get ready for the upcoming class or cool down after their workout.
  6. Cubbies and Shoe Rack. These storage units allow members to have a place to put their keys, water bottles, phones and other items. Build or buy a shoe rack so members can leave their workout shoes overnight and change out of their street shoes – this helps to ensure outside dirt and grime doesn’t make its way onto your workout floor.
  7. Personal Records Board and Conversion Chart. We have a laminated dry easer board that allows members to have their own designated row to write their workout results under pre-printed movement/WOD headings – i.e., Back Squat, Push Press or a workout like “Annie” – so they can keep track of their personal bests. Not only does this allow the athlete to track their progress, but it is also useful as a weight reference for those strength segments of your programming that calls for a certain percentage of a max rep of a certain movement. In conjunction with this, we have a conversion chart posted in the same area that allows a member to determine exactly what weight is needed for the workout.
  8. Rollable Plate Racks. Not only do these keep your plates in the proper order, but they are great in allowing members to have easier access to weights by having the flexibility to roll the plate rack to their area on the floor during the set-up and breakdown of a barbell workout.

Ron Del Duca is a business lawyer with over 30 years’ experience and is also the owner of CrossFit Mayview in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He can be contacted at 412.722.2552 or ron@delducalawoffices.com.

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