Educating the Community in South America

In a society that is growing more global each day, it’s not much of a surprise when a Coach is found in a foreign country, CrossFitting it up with the locals.

But Chris Espinal, a Coach at Reebok CrossFit Union Square in New York, isn’t strolling around the world for fun. In fact, he has recently been in South America with the goal to better the industry.

“I’m traveling around South America, teaching seminars and helping fitness facilities down here run safe and effective classes,” he shared.

Espinal offers coaching, seminars and consulting to Boxes that want his help and expertise. From one-on-one training, to classes for a gym’s entire membership, his topics range from gymnastics and bodyweight movements to yoga and mobility.

On his website, he explains a lot of his business knowledge comes from his time spent at RhinoCo Fitness, Reebok CrossFit Union Square’s parent company. “I’ve worked alongside RhinoCo Fitness to bui
d and manage multiple 400-plus member and high revenue, worldwide facilities in large competitive markets, such as New York City and Miami,” his website states.

Below, Espinal answered several questions about his travels around South America, what exactly he is up to and the why behind it all:


Box Pro: What are you doing in South America?

Chris Espinal: I am working with local fitness facilities to establish creative and effective communities to enhance customer retention and bring a greater quality of training to their Coaches and instructors.

BP: Why South America?

CE: It’s hard for many countries in South America to find the resources you find here in the U.S. I decided to help the cause because I speak Spanish and I was able to make a lot of connections through social media.

BP: How did you get started teaching seminars and offering up business consulting?

CE: I’m starting off by teaching seminars with my friend Carl Paoli. He’s been teaching seminars for about four years — FreeStyle Connection is a framework that explains how to treat movement with a purpose. I’m using this as an opportunity to spread some knowledge and make friends along the way. The consulting part comes along with the gig. After the seminars, most gym owners want to know how to implement this framework into their gyms through their trainers and business model.

BP: What have been your biggest lessons learned in this?

CE: Fitness facilities need to perform at a high level for a long period of time — adapting to what people want — or they will falter. The best in the biz challenge their athletes on a daily basis and continue to create a strong community sense by working as a team.

BP: What can Affiliates do to help grow the industry on the international level?

CE: Communicate! Local gyms with similar styles need to communicate to create an overall health and wellness conscious population.

BP: If you could give Box owners three pieces of advice, what would they be?

CE: Challenge your athletes with more than just physical feats. Network with as many facilities as possible around your location/community. Share the content featured at your facilities with social media. If it’s quality, people will come.

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