Eating More, Eating Better

Snacking right.Be honest, how often do you hear the phrase, “when I workout I want to eat more”?

“I love getting this question,” said Sarah Welch, the holistic health coach at CrossFit Five Plus. “It gives us an opportunity to dig a little deeper into how to eat well. And usually I tell them, ‘I am so pumped for how much more your health is going to increase because you are starting to ask these questions.’”

Welch goes deeper by understanding the member’s desire to eat more. “Heck yeah you want to eat more,” she said. “You are using your body in awesome ways! Then we get to dig into the good stuff about what to eat and when. In responding this way, I find it surprises them and turns their thoughts to it being a positive thing instead of feeling guilty that they are more hungry.”

The next step that usually gets involved with the desire to eat more is snacking. “We discuss healthy snacking in our foundations series, and also in a quarterly nutrition workshop we do,” explained Welch. “You want to make sure you have a [vegetable], protein and a fat. That way even though you are snacking, you aren’t spiking your insulin response. No need for our snacks to send us into metabolic derangement. We also stress the importance of snacking on real, whole foods — like a hard boiled egg, banana and some almond butter. Or, we love RxBars for something quick.”

What Welch finds most is that people are afraid of fats. “There is still unfortunately this mindset that fat free is good,” she said. “Although, thankfully, that is changing.” But what she still notices is people obsessing over calorie intake as opposed to eating enough and supplying those calories with the right foods. “We take a lot of time explaining that not all calories are created equal,” she continued. “You could have a Snickers bar or 10 pounds of kale and have the same caloric intake. It is much more about the quality of nutritions. If you are building your plate for nutrients instead of calories, it is a game changer.”

Welch and her staff don’t dodge the reality that people at some point are going to need something quick, or they aren’t going to have planned properly and wind up hungry. Five Plus sells RxBars and Fuel For Fire because they believe in the ingredients.

“If you are eating your big meals with good macro pairings you shouldn’t be hungry between meals, but let’s face it, sometimes at 3 o’clock all you want is a cup of coffee and a snack. So we talk about better choices.”

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.